DigitalECO Professionals

DigitalECO Professionals DigitalECO Professionals

DIGITALECO offers digital ecosystem services for Filipino and Global businesses that has goals in restructuring their digital infrastructures. DIGITALECO is a subsidiary of HASLOO NETWORK.

To extend this support, our good vision is to build digital solutions for Filipino entrepreneurs and give them the highest standard infrastructures like websites, email platform or digital marketing platform with cheapest possible pricing.

Our Philippine Team and Global Team understand the business culture in the Philippines thus any demand that fits to its people can be worked by our team.

Leverage your business.

Business Website for only Php24,500 or $500 is one of our cheapest offers. We understand how Filipino try to become successful entrepreneurs and desire to acquire digital assets to start with.



eCommerce Websites

Our eCommerce Website Package has all it takes to leverage your etailing business.

Web Development

Whether for personal or business websites including blogs, business site, landing pages, marketing funnel  and more alike,  our professional web developer will build the most trending web for you.